1. Whether or not the outer packaging is found to have obvious signs of damage or tearing,please check the goods in front of the courier before signing, and make a note on the waybill before signing.

2. If the package is not signed in front of the courier with damage or less pieces, please retain the outer packaging box (including the sealing tape) within 2 days after signing (subject to the time of delivery on the website of the logistics provider) feedback to the local post office, and provide us with the invoice of items, physical photos and other information.

3. When an item purchased on behalf of a customer has a quality problem after a period of use, the customer can entrust Mr1Market to contact the merchant in mainland China for a return/exchange as long as the item is still within the quality guarantee period and within the warranty period of the seller.

1) As each seller/manufacturer has their own unique principles and ways of dealing with quality issues with their products (as stated in the product quality assurance card or in the notes on the seller’s website), Mr1Market cannot guarantee that the vendor will be able to fully meet the customer’s requirements but will do its best to fight for the customer’s benefit and satisfaction. 

2) Mr1Market offers this agency service without any service charge, but the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs and risks. If the item is lost in transit or detained by customs during the return process, the customer will be responsible for all losses. 

4. Please describe your problem in detail and upload photos of the parcel packaging, physical photos of the goods, etc. Mr1Market will accept the customer’s application as soon as possible and give the customer a solution (Including but not limited to measures such as refunding the cost, returning or exchanging the goods). 


We will not accept the return of goods requested by the customer in the event of any of the following.

1. Goods that have been exchanged, changed from their original appearance, or parts are missing.

2. Goods that have been unpacked, such as software packages, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, etc.

3. Merchandise without original proof of purchase.

4. Involving goods with fewer pieces, damaged, defective, etc., need to contact customer service within 72 hours after signing for the parcel, no longer accepted after that time.


Pictures to be provided for after-sales application

1. If the product is damaged or has a large area of stains, please upload photos of the damaged or stained area.


Example: damaged goods, stained goods


Uniform compensation terms for all the logistics route:

1. Parcel confirmed lost.

2. If the update time from the previous node exceeds the longest time limit of the logistics, the customer can file a claim.

Compensation rates: Items + international logistics costs


1. Compensation timeliness measurement standard: Starts from the parcel is sent from the warehouse;

2. Compensation method: The user can contact customer service, then customer service will refund the compensation amount to the user’s account after verification.

Disclaimer of liability:

1. Force Majeure: Including but not limited to war, natural disaster (earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, etc), nuclear radiation, nuclear explosion, nuclear contamination and other radioactive contamination.

2. Customers cannot provide related proof.

3. Exceeding the application deadline (no enquiry or no compensation request after signed within 7 days or shipped within 45 days), or parcel was delivered during the application time.

4. Parcel was stolen or missing for certain reasons after delivered.

5. Items in violation of the prohibition or restriction for delivery, confiscated by the competent authority or dealt with in accordance with relevant laws & regulations.

6. Parcel was damaged or lost due to customers’ responsibility, deliberate actions or product itself reason.

7. Other situations that cannot apply for compensation.


8. The final interpretation of the parcel compensation rules is the responsibility of Mr1Market.


Damage to the parcel during international shipping, which resulted in damage to the goods in it:

If when receiving parcel you notice apparent damages, such as holes, openings, wet areas, stains from dried-up water, apparent deformation of the shape box, you must be on the spot inspection. It is necessary in the process of registration to attach a photo / video, which will be visible damage to the box and damaged items. When applying for compensation a photo/video must be attach as well as a scanned copy or photo of opening act. In this case, the insurance payment will be paid at the rate of 10% to 100% of the total customer costs, depending on the degree of damage to the goods and the possibility of eliminating arisen defects. Payment Amount is calculated by employees of the company. If the client finds inadequate amount of compensation, he is entitled to request re-consideration of the application a senior manager and a reasoned explanation the amount of compensation. Rendered by a senior manager a decision on the amount of compensation may differ from an initial in a large, and in the smaller side, and not subject to appeal.


Loss of individual goods under international shipment:

If you received parcel and you notice weight discrepancy, you must in the presence of mail personnel / personnel transportation Company issue the act of opening. In the process of opening, it is necessary to attach a photo / video, where we will see the discrepancy of weight, and the absence of the goods / products. When applying for compensation you must attach all photo / video materials as well as a scanned or photocopy of the opening act. In this case, the insurance covers the total amount of customer spending on the purchase of these products, including its price, the cost of the internal shipment to China, and the cost of services intermediary. The cost of international shipment of this good is paid only if its weight has affected the overall cost of international parcel delivery (For example, if when sending the parcel had a weight of 5.5 kg, and you paid for shipment of 6 kg, and when receiving it turned out that the parcel weighs 4.9 kg. In this case, you will be paid the amount of compensation equal to the difference between the cost of shipping paid by you and the actual weight of the parcel.)


The absence individual goods in the parcel:

If at the opening of the parcel you have noticed the absence of goods / products. You must document this fact via photo / video where we will see the state of the box (no damage) and the contents of the parcel. When applying for compensation, the letter should attach all photo / video materials as well as a scanned copy of the photo mail form (the weight of the parcel should be visible upon receipt). If the missing item is or can be found in the warehouse of the company, it will be sent to your next parcel. If the item cannot be found, a mediator of your choice will buy goods at its own expense and send in your next parcel or pay you compensation. In this case, the insurance covers the total amount (refunded to the purchaser) of the purchase of these products, including their cost, the cost of the internal shipment to China, and the cost of services intermediary.


Damage to the goods during international shipment: 

If at the opening of parcel, you notice significant damage to the goods / products such as holes, openings, cracks, chips, significant deformation, etc., you are required to fix the damage to the photo / video. When you apply for compensation, the letter should attach photographic materials and explanations to them. In this case, the insurance payment will be paid at a rate of 10% -50% of the value of the goods and the cost of the internal shipment to China, depending on the degree of discrepancy. Full 100% compensation is possible only if the customer returning the goods. (Return Policies cm. below) Payment Amount is calculated by employees of the company. If the client finds inadequate amount of compensation, he is entitled to request re-consideration of the application to a senior manager with a reasoned explanation the amount of compensation. A decision will be made rendered by a senior manager on the amount of compensation. Please note that it may differ from the initial in a large, and in the smaller side, and not subject to appeal.



We do not accept claims on goods under any of these conditions:

1. Appearance of the product differs from the pictures the seller. (For example: not so thick fur, fur coloring differs from the photo, lace pattern / embroidery / decorative elements different from the photos on the link, a form of pads is different from the photo link, etc.)

2. Position inscriptions printed on the product differs by a few centimeters, the writing of a brand different from the picture to the link.

3. As items are photographed, they are subject to various factors such as differences in lighting, colour palette, equipment and the color difference and resolution of each computer. We cannot guarantee that the information in the product description is the same as the actual product. Colours are subject to the actual product.

4. Product measurements do not meet the dimensional of seller specified for this size on the product page.


Returns Policy:

If the item is damaged or does not meet the order, please contact us >> within 3 days after receiving your order, and let us know what products are subject to return. The letter should contain: 

1. Precise photo parcel and goods, which can be seen damage or discrepancy order.

2. Photo sticker with a bar code. 

When you receive your order, you have up to 7 days to return your products. All returned items must be in brand-new condition, unused and with original tags – the same condition as they were originally dispatched from Mr1Market. You will be responsible for return shipping. Please contact our online customer service for the return address.

Note: Please tell us the tracking number after mailing your item and be sure to include your name and phone number in your return package.


When will I get the refund after I returned goods?

After receiving your returned goods, we will issue a refund to your account within 3 working days if there are no further problems.



1. Please do not throw away important articles in your parcels such as your: Mr1Market INVOICE, item barcodes, and waybill. If you have any problems with your parcel, please provide us these files for your convenience.

2. Final delivery date is subject to the exact final delivery date on the tracking website.





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