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Yushuo S59 wired earphone earbuds earbuds in ear mobile phone computer MP3 game earphone with microphone music earphone

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brand: Yushuo

Item number: other

Model: other

Source category: Spot

type: Headsets

Headset type: In-ear headphones

Wearing style: In-ear

Headphones output sound source: Communication equipment

Plug diameter: 3.5mm

Plug type: In-line type

Whether wireless headphones: Wired headphones

With or without a microphone: Yes

Principle of vocalization: Dynamic coil

Wire length: 1.1(m)

use: Voice headset, mobile phone headset, music headset

weight: 0.1(g)

Processing method: Samples are customized

Stamp the LOGO: No

Whether dropshipping is supported: In the tank

Whether to support proxy joining: In the tank

After-sales service: Shop three packs

invoice: Invoices are not provided

Packing list: Bags

color: S59 with Microphone Edition = Gold, S59 Microphone Edition = Gray, S59 Microphone Edition = Silver, S59 Microphone Edition = Blue, S16 Microphone Version/Black, S16 Microphone Version/White, S65 Microphone Version/Gold, S65 Microphone Version/Black, S11 Microphone Version/Black, S11 Microphone Version/White, S40 Microphone Tuning Version/Black, S40 Microphone Tuning Version/White, S38Type-c Mixed Version/White, S65 Microphone Version/Blue, S65 with Mai Tuning Version/Blue, S65 with Mai Version/Rose Gold, S65 with Mai Tuning Version/Gold, S65 with Mai Tuning Version/Black, S65 with Mai Tuning Version/Meijin, S41Type-c with Mai Tuning Version/White, S41Type-c with Mai Tuning Version/Black, S41Type-c with Mai Tuning Version/Pink, Color Random = Flat Head Microphoneless Headphones, S58 with Mai Tuning Version/Silver, S58 with Mai Tuning Version/Blue, S58 with Mai Tuning Version/Red, S58 with Mai Tuning Version/Pink, S58 with Mai Tuning Version/Black, S19 with Mai Tuning Version/Silver, S19 with Mai Tuning Version/Rose Gold, S19 with Mai Tuning Version/Gray, S19 with Mai Tuning Version/Gold

Whether cross-border exports are exclusively sourced: not

Support customization: In the tank

Whether the source of the patent is available: not

SS59 headset main picture 1

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Weight N/A

S59 with Mai version = gold, S59 with Mai version = gray, S59 with malt version = silver, S59 with microphone version = blue, S65 with malt version/gold, S65 with malt version/black, S11 with microphone tuning version/black, S11 with microphone tuning version/white, S40 with microphone tuning version/black, S40 with microphone tuning version/white, S38Type-c with microphone tuning version/white, S65 with microphone version/blue, S65 with microphone tuning version/blue, S65 with Mai Edition/Rose Gold, S65 with microphone tuning version/gold, S65 with microphone tuning version/black, S65 with Mai Tuned Version/Mekin, S41Type-c with microphone tuning version/pink, Color random = flat head microphoneless headphones, S58 with microphone tuning version/silver, S58 with microphone tuning version/blue, S58 with microphone tuning version/red, S58 with microphone tuning version/pink, S58 with microphone tuning version/black, S19 with microphone tuning version/silver, S19 with Mai Tuned Version/Mekin, S19 with microphone tuning version/gray, S19 with microphone tuning version/gold, S16带麦调音版/黑色, S16带麦调音版/白色, S41Type-c带麦调音版/白色, S41Type-c带麦调音版/黑色

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