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Regards of electronic product, because we do not have professional inspection tools and equipment, we only make sure the appearance and type correct.


We will not be responsible for switching on the product to check its working condition and test its performance.



Parcels sent abroad are subject to foreign customs inspection, which is basically in the form of random checks. If customs consider your parcel to be special (e.g. large, too heavy or containing sensitive goods), they will generally take the initiative to contact the recipient to provide an invoice or clearance documents. The cost of returning or destroying the parcel due to failure to contact the recipient or the recipient not cooperating with the initiative to contact Customs for clearance will be borne by the recipient.


Within 7 days from the date the items are signed for by the Mr1Market’s warehouse.

If you want to cancel your order and return items back to seller.

We could help you contact our agents in your country.

If the seller agreed to return, you will be responsible for the domestic freight of 3.97USD per kg and the service fee (Charged by 10%, Min 1.65USD).

After you agreed, we will contact the agents and the warehouse to deal with it.


Within 5-7 working days, the seller will receive the goods and we will refund the item fee to your bank account or change for you the item to the new one.


If you are purchasing fragile/perishable products (e.g. glass, ceramics, etc.), the international logistics side usually does not support the claim service due to the risk of breakage and damage caused by too many irresistible factors in the course of transportation.


It is recommended that you indicate when submitting your parcel that you will strengthen the packaging to reduce the risk of damage (this action will add an additional service charge of 5USD for you). If you insist on ordering, Mr1Market is only responsible for ensuring that the goods leave Mr1Market’s warehouse in good condition, the risk of damage to the product in transit will be borne by you and Mr1Market will not be liable for any compensation.  


DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramex charge by the volume weight.

So there is a difference in weight.

Volumetric Charging: When shipping lightweight, bulky packages, use this formula:


Volumetric Weight = Product of length*width*height (cm) / 5000


When you make the order in Mr1Market, you need estimate items weight to help you estimate items shipping cost timely. If you don’t know the weight of your items, you can get it by the following methods:

1.Check the product weight on the product page.

You can also check the product weight in the oversea attributes on the product page.


2. If the product weight is not displayed on the product page,please check the chart below, our weight estimation chart is from our items data. Please notice that the parcel weight will be based on the real weight.























Low shoes








Football suit






Cell phone case




Hair Accessories






Jewelry box/Display shelf






Nail polish/Nail art products


Plush cloth art toys


Cosplay laccessories




lC integrated circuit


Diode /LED



3. In addition, you can obtain the weight of the item by consulting the customer service.








Product Properties

Specific Example



General goods: ordinary clothes, pants, skirts, underwear, panties, swimwear, bags, shoes, hair accessories, hats, belts, scarves, gloves, four-piece bed sets, cushions, curtains, mobile phone cases, mobile phone films, mobile phone accessories ( Not Charged), Jewelry, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Fabrics, Textiles, Wall Stickers, Event Party Supplies, Gift Wrapping, Organizers, Laundry Bags & Baskets, Makeup Organizers, Dust Covers, Baking Supplies (Not Charged) ), beverage containers, kitchen utensils (not knives), pet supplies, pet toys, home furnishing, computer stands, strollers, baby products, baby and children’s toys, building blocks, squeeze toys, plush and stuffed toys, bicycles, bicycles Helmets, Bicycle Accessories, Camping Gear, Hiking Gear, Golf, Fitness & Bodybuilding Gear, Ski Gear, Musical Instruments, Wigs, Wigs, Makeup Tools (Non-Liquid, Powder, Paste), Auto Parts, Car Seat Covers, Car Storage , hardware supplies, paint tools (non-liquid)…

1. The product is limited to accept only ordinary products.

2. Soft package/bag packaged goods are not counted as bubbles, but do not include the following: (1) Carton packaging products (including inner and outer packaging); (2) Pillows, quilts, dolls and other products that are relatively foamy.

3. At the same time, do not accept any products with brands, LED lights or heating functions that contain electricity and contraband; do not accept liquids, powders and other prohibited items for air transportation.

4. The United States does not accept FDA-certified products and adult products; the United States prohibits the sending of products that are in close contact with the human body, such as glasses, hearing aids, adult products, wood products, laser pointers, helmets, mobile phones, tablets, food, controlled knives, laptops, Products with bluetooth logo, etc.


With electronic products: mobile phone, tablet computer, laptop computer, desktop computer, mp3 (mp4/mp5), electronic blood pressure monitor, camera, video camera, walkie-talkie, mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, headset, VR/AR device, smart watch , smart bracelets, gamepads, portable game consoles, chargers, game steering wheels, clocks, built-in battery toys, remote control toys, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, driving recorders, parking sensors, GPS trackers, car cameras, measurement tool……

Commodity restrictions on products with electronic circuits and electronic devices can only pass through battery contains channels and must not exceed the battery capacity limit.

Battery Contains

Live products: mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, desktop computers, mp3 (mp4/mp5), electronic blood pressure monitors, cameras, video cameras, walkie-talkies, mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, headsets, VR/AR devices, smart watches, Smart bracelets, gamepads, portable game consoles, chargers, game steering wheels, clocks, toys with built-in batteries, remote control toys, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, driving recorders, parking sensors, GPS trackers, car cameras, measuring tools …

1. Commodity restrictions This channel accepts general goods and products with built-in batteries, not pure batteries or mobile power sources. Batteries that come with battery shipments must be installed in the shipment and cannot be placed alone.

2. Can take built-in lithium battery products (including lithium ion and lithium metal); each small bag can hold up to 4 battery cells or 2 batteries.

A. Built-in lithium-ion battery products: The lithium battery is installed in the device, and a single battery does not exceed 100Wh, and a single device is individually packaged, and the device switch is insulated and powered off.

Calculation formula of battery parameters: Built-in lithium-ion battery: the maximum capacity of the battery cell should not exceed 20Wh, and the maximum capacity of the battery should not exceed 100Wh, Wh=V*Ah=V*mAh/1000

For example: a small fan (without magnetism), the built-in battery parameter is 5V 200mAh, its battery capacity=5*200/1000=1 Wh

B. Built-in lithium metal battery products: the maximum lithium content of the battery cell should not exceed 1g, and the maximum lithium content of the battery should not exceed 2g;

3. Please strictly prohibit the mailing of items that violate Chinese laws, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Prohibited and Restricted Items Regulations and local laws. For example: imitation brands, pure electricity, tobacco and alcohol, knives, electronic cigarettes, lighters, liquids, powders, pastes, food, medical equipment, drugs, arms, plants, animals and plant seeds, etc. If there is any violation, the loss, fine, customs clearance fee, etc. and legal responsibility shall be borne by the customer.

Pure Battery

Pure battery: including all kinds of dry batteries, accumulators, lithium batteries, external batteries, solar batteries, notebook batteries, camera batteries, mobile phone batteries, supporting batteries…

1. Batteries packaged with equipment (external batteries), such as additional lithium batteries for power tools, lithium batteries for drones, and lithium batteries for toys, cannot be sent.

2. Batteries (pure battery products) transported separately, such as power banks, (devices that can be charged externally, battery cells, battery packs, battery modules, battery systems, computer batteries, mobile phone batteries, earphone charging boxes (excluding earphones) electronics Cigarette charging box (excluding electronic cigarette) mobile phone charging case, uninterruptible power supply, button battery, etc. cannot be sent.

3. Large lithium battery (built-in, external, pure electric), such as UN3536 energy storage box, UN3171 electric vehicle (balance vehicle (including lithium battery)), electric skateboard, electric scooter, unicycle, electric twisting car, electric baby carriage , electric wheelchairs, etc., cannot be sent.

Adult Products (Not Apparel)

Non-clothing adult products: local anesthetics, enhanced sexual stimulation, lubricants, masturbation products, auxiliary devices, therapeutic devices, “aphrodisiacs”, products that increase sexual interest, some special sexual products…

Product restrictions do not accept adult products other than clothing.

Liquid Contains

Products containing liquids: adhesives, paints, perfumes, colognes, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, tire repair kits, vaccines, car waxes, tattoo inks, sprays, lotions, makeup removers, toners, cosmetic lotions, lotions, cosmetic gels , cosmetic essence, hair styling gel, shower gel, tooth dye, detergent, sugar and syrup, beverages and other liquids

Product restrictions do not accept liquid products.


Powdered products: powdered cosmetics such as eye shadow, blush, loose powder, powder cake, spirulina powder, stomach medicine (powder), bean pollen, coffee powder, flour, foot bath powder, sandbag etchant, hourglass, seasoning, chalk, Glitter sand table (teaching class), cat litter desiccant, detox foot pads, powder with unknown ingredients, ink cartridges (ink cartridges), toner cartridges…

Commodity restrictions do not accept powdered products.


Creamy or creamy products: Turtle balm, honey, lip gloss, lip gloss, eye shadow, rouge, lip balm, mascara, car wax, soap, cream, gynecological gel, navel sticker, antipruritic (ointment), exfoliator Gel, nail glue, lip gloss, face cream, plasticine, paste paint, lipstick…

Product restrictions do not accept creamy textured products.

Magnetic Contains

1. Magnetic items: magnetic steel, alnico magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, neodymium iron boron, ferrite magnets (magnetic cores) magnets, magnets, magnets, permanent magnets, rare earth permanent magnets, magnetic rings, magnetic Magnetic products such as rods and iron cores.

2. Magnetic items (magnetic items without degaussing protective packaging) such as: money detectors, large and small speakers with speakers, carbon steel, magnets, earphones, headsets, circuit boards with transformers, strong magnetic items, etc.

3. Other magnets (including motors): hair dryers, televisions, mobile phone restraints, motors and accessories, toy magnets, toy parts, magnet health products and equipment, guides, north needles, car inflatable mercury, drivers, gear boxes , rotating parts, inductor components, magnetic coil sensors, electric gearboxes, relays, multimeters, magnetrons, computers and accessories, movement and other products containing magnetism, motors and other products.

Commodity restrictions do not accept strong magnetic products; weak magnetic products must be declared as live, and the results of specific security inspections shall prevail.


1. Controlled knives: such as daggers, three-edged scrapers, switch knives with self-locking devices (jump knives), other similar single-edged, double-edged, three-edged knives, butterfly knives, switch knives, folding knives, military knives , Katana and other controlled knives.

2. Sharp or blunt objects other than controlled knives: kitchen knives, large scissors, large fruit knives, large table knives, craft knives, swords, items with sharp edges or sharp points, such as ice axes, ice picks, ice skates, art and sports Knives, spears, hairpins, halberds, special-purpose knives (including all blade lengths) for unit performances, such as scalpels, butcher knives, carving knives, razors, planers, milling knives, utility knives, sabres and sabers for ethnic minorities and other various devices that are considered to be a danger to aviation safety.

3. Others: such as crossbows, tear gas devices, electric shock devices, sapper shovels, batons, electric batons, military (police) daggers, tear gas, pepper sprays, slingshots, fist nails, axes, swing sticks, weighted or spiked spikes canes, iron-tipped trekking poles; blunt-headed instruments that can cause personal injury or pose a greater hazard to aviation safety and transportation order, including but not limited to baseball (or softball) bats, billiard sticks, cricket bats, hockey sticks, Golf clubs, canes or umbrellas with metal tips, and brass knuckles, clubs, nunchucks, etc. for martial arts sports.

4. Other items that can cause personal injury or pose greater harm to aviation safety and transportation order, including but not limited to crowbars, drilling rigs (including drill bits), chisels, hammers, cones, saws, pliers, welding guns, bolt guns, shooting Nail gun, screwdriver, wrench, slingshot, bow and arrow, dart, high power laser pointer.

Commodity restrictions do not accept sharp regulated instruments and assault weapons.

Customs Ban

1. Guns (including imitations and main parts): such as pistols, rifles, submachine guns, riot guns, air guns, shotguns, sports guns, anesthesia injection guns, steel ball guns, tear gas guns, sights, handcuffs, signal guns, starting guns, Sample guns, realistic toy guns, disassembled and assembleable gun parts (sights), etc. Gun accessories, etc. Gun-shaped and weapon-shaped items (which appear as gun-shaped, bullets, grenades, toy guns, weapon-shaped keychains, etc. under the X-ray machine) will be confiscated immediately upon discovery.

2. Ammunition (including imitations): such as bullets, bullet pendants) bombs, grenades, rockets, flares, incendiary bombs, smoke (fog) bombs, BB bombs, signal bombs, trainer bombs, tear gas bombs, gas bombs, mines, grenades, Artillery shells, gunpowder explosives, and other explosives, etc.

3. Food, medicine, etc.

4. Cigarettes: all kinds of cigarettes are found directly confiscated, flue-cured tobacco, cigarettes, tobacco, (smoking sets contain tobacco, e-liquid, etc.)

5. Blasting equipment: such as explosives, detonators, fuses, detonating cords, blasting agents, fuzes (report to public security organs according to the scene)

6. Fireworks and firecrackers: such as fireworks, firecrackers, throwing cannons, crackling cannons, smashing cannons, paint bombs and other fireworks and firecrackers and gunpowder commodities such as black powder, pyrotechnic powder, starting paper, and ignition wire.

7. Others: such as propellant, propellant, nitrocellulose, electric igniter magnesium rod and flint and so on.

8. Flammable liquids: gasoline, diesel, kerosene, tung oil, acetone, ether, alcohol, paint, raw lacquer, benzene, alcohol, rosin oil, massage oil, oils, paint nail polish, etc. oily substance)

9. Flammable solids: such as red phosphorus, sulfur, aluminum powder, flash powder, solid alcohol, matches, incense, tobacco cakes, candles, activated carbon, Wanci matches, coal, etc.

10. Spontaneous combustion substances: such as yellow phosphorus, white phosphorus, nitrocellulose (including film), titanium powder, etc.

11. Flammable substances in contact with water: such as metal sodium, potassium, lithium, zinc powder, magnesium powder (rod), calcium carbide (calcium carbide), sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, etc.

12. Flammable gases: such as hydrogen, methane, ethane, butane, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, ethylene, propylene, acetylene, lighters, lighters, etc. Gas-containing items (such as swimming bracelets, compressed gas tanks), weather bottles, gas-containing commodities, small cylinders, and inflatable balls. Lighters, matches, igniters, Magne matches, various ignition devices, electronic cigarettes/accessories, etc.

13. Toxic gases: such as carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, chlorine, etc.

14. Explosive or suffocating, combustion-supporting gases: such as compressed gas tanks, compressed oxygen, nitrogen, helium, neon, aerosols, etc.

15. Unknown liquid: rhinitis spray, gel solution.

16. Oxidants and peroxides: such as permanganate, perchlorate, hydrogen oxide, sodium peroxide, potassium peroxide, lead peroxide, chlorate, bromate, nitrate, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

17. Toxic substances: such as arsenic, arsenic, mercury compounds, thallium compounds, cyanide, selenium powder, phenol, mercury, highly toxic pesticides, etc.

18. Biochemical products, infectious and infectious substances: such as germs, anthrax, parasites, excrement, medical waste, corpses, animal organs (specimen), limbs, untreated animal skins, untreated Animal bones, etc.

19. Radioactive substances: such as uranium, cobalt, radium, plutonium, etc.

20. Corrosive substances: such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, storage battery, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc.

21. Drugs and drug-taking tools, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for illegal use, precursor chemicals for illegal use:

(1) Drugs, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances: such as opium (including poppy shells, flowers, bracts, leaves), morphine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine (ice), ketamine, methcathinone, amphetamine, sodium coffee; fentanyl;

(2) Precursor chemicals: such as piperonal, safrole, safrole oil, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, hydroxyimine, o-ketone, phenylacetic acid, bromopropiophenone, acetic anhydride, toluene, acetone, etc.

(3) Drug-using tools: such as curling and so on.

22. Illegal publications, printed matter, audio-visual products and other publicity materials: such as books, publications, pictures, photos, audio-visual content containing reactionary, inciting ethnic hatred, undermining national unity, undermining social stability, promoting cults, religious extremism, obscenity, etc. products, etc.

23. Special equipment for espionage: such as hidden eavesdropping equipment, photo-piracy equipment, burst transceivers, one-time codebooks, steganographic tools, electronic monitoring and interception equipment for obtaining intelligence, etc.

24. Illegal counterfeit items: 1. Gold bricks, silver bars, cash, platinum, etc. Such as forged or altered currency, certificates, official seals, casino chips, dice, commemorative coins, simulated banknotes, etc.

25. Endangered wild animals and their products, taxidermy Ivory, tiger bones, rhino horns and their products, taxidermy, etc.

26. Items prohibited from entering or leaving the country: such as food, medicine or other medicines, food, feed, tea, wormwood, seeds, bait, live bodies, bones, plants, Feather; documents, materials and other items that involve state secrets.

Commodity restrictions are not accepted The above is not limited to the customs prohibited products listed above. For details, please refer to the official website of China Customs . 

Imitation Brand

1. Infringement of intellectual property rights: such as books, audio and video products that infringe patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights, etc. Infringement includes appearance infringement and trademark infringement.

2. Fake and shoddy items: such as fake and shoddy food, medicine, children’s products, electronic products, cosmetics, textiles…

International brand products involve the protection of property rights filing,

For details, please refer to the following country websites

1. The intellectual property rights of China Customs have been recorded (China Customs has the registered brand query address:; (For example: oppo mobile phones have been recorded in China Customs, but not in the United States, and can be shipped) Enter relevant Keywords, you can effectively query the record brand and the right holder

2. (US Intellectual Property Inquiry Network: http://www.uspto.gov/trademarks/index.jsphttp://iprs.cbp.gov/index.asp)

3. Germany


4. UK


5. Australia


6. Japan


7. France, Spain;

Authentication query:

8. Check whether UL certification is valid or not


9. Check whether HDMI certification is valid or not


10. Check whether the FDA certification is valid or not.


11. Check whether the USB certification is valid or not.


12. Check whether the DOT certification is valid or not.


13. Check whether the Bluetooth authorization is valid or not.


14. Check whether the CSA certification is valid or not.



Large products: home appliances, furniture, kitchen utensils, machinery and equipment, equipment, air boxes, large machinery, large ornaments, molds, fitness equipment, balance cars, scooters, bicycles, stainless steel plates, building materials, combination cabinets, display cabinets, office Equipment, tableware and furniture, ceramic sanitary ware, billboards, display screens, auto parts, hardware valves, door frames and doors, metal brackets, mold products, plastic products, railings, scaffolding, prefab houses, slate, tents…

1. For goods ≤2kg, if the bubble-to-weight ratio is less than or equal to 2, no bubbles will be charged, and the bill will be based on the actual weight; if the bubble-to-weight ratio is greater than 2, the larger one will be charged based on the actual weight of the package and the volumetric weight (volumetric weight). The fee method is: length*width*height cm/8000=KG)

2. For goods greater than 2kg, the actual weight of the package and the volumetric weight will be compared, and the larger one will be billed (the volumetric weight billing method is: length*width*height cm/8000=KG)

3. Note:

(1) The calculation method of bubble ratio is consistent with the general industry standard: (length * width * height) / 6000.

(2) Please communicate in advance if the single-piece bubble ratio is too high or the batch of single-category bubbles.

(3) All products containing contraband such as LED lights or heating functions are not accepted; any live products are not accepted on the general cargo route.


Thin: full-length mirrors, mattresses, picture frames, billboards, displays…


Flat: full-length mirrors, mattresses, picture frames, stainless steel panels, building materials, billboards, display screens, door frames and doors, mold products, plastic products, railings, scaffolding, prefab houses, slate…


1. Granular: health product granules, sealing wax, cigarette popping beads, Qinggong pills, granular filter elements, ocean baby water beads, floating fishing bait balls; cannot be received or sent.

2. Common returned items of aviation security inspection: luminous items, 3D lenses (radioactive during security inspection), glasses with lights, printers, irons (containing lithium batteries and not meeting the battery delivery restrictions), light bulbs, etc., a pack Multiple or battery-containing light bulbs, unplugged lights with batteries (not subject to battery shipping restrictions), flashlights/night vision lights, head-mounted lights, bump mirrors, any “unknown image” in the security view Items cannot be delivered. For example, thicker solid foam is used for packaging, which makes it difficult to display the shape and characteristics of the inner packaged items; it cannot be shipped.

3. Improper packaging, which may endanger personal safety, contaminate or damage other delivery items and equipment, etc.: marbles that have become larger in water, liquid leakage, (metal, sharp, if packaged well, you can leave, if not packaged) Properly endanger personal safety, the customer shall bear the loss caused by it)

Other prohibited items: {Catalogue of hazardous chemicals}, {List of explosives for civil use}, {Catalogue of hazardous chemicals that produce explosives}, {Catalogue of classification and varieties of precursor chemicals}, {Prohibited import of the People’s Republic of China Items listed in the Exit Items List} and the first and second types of pathogenic microorganisms listed in the {List of Human-to-Human Pathogenic Microorganisms}, as well as other items prohibited by laws, administrative regulations, and the State Council and relevant departments of the State Council. For details, please refer to the official website of China Customs .






After the status of the item was changed into “arrived”, it can be kept in our warehouse for up to 180 Days. For the first 90 days, it is free, while for the other 90 days, one item ID will be charged 1CNY per day. If the item has been kept in our warehouse for more than 180 days, we will dispose your items. We believe 180 days are enough time for all customers to arrange their shopping and shipping.




Due to the different rules settings of each logistics company, when you use commercial express to transport packages, your delivery address may be judged as a remote address according to the different settings of each logistics company for each shipping address.

When your address is determined to be a remote address by the logistics carrier, you will need to pay an additional remote fee in addition to international shipping.


The charging standard of remoteness fee for each logistics commodity is different.


a. The tags on clothes usually tell you the measurements (height, waist, bust, body weight, etc.).

For example, “160/68A”, “160” is height and “68” is bust or waist. “A” is a reference to expanded size. “A” means normal size, “B” means larger than average, “C” means extra large, and “Y” means smaller than average.

b. There are three different sizes for pants due to the length difference. “S” means shorter than average, “R” means average length, and “L” means longer than average.

For example, you may see “29W x 30L” on jeans, “29W” means that the waist is 29 inches, and “30L” means that the length of the inseam (from crotch to bottom) is 30 inches (1 inch equals 2.54 centimeters).

c. The standards may vary for different stores on Taobao. We suggest that you use your body measurements (bust, waist, hip) as a reference when selecting the size. When measuring your body, please make sure that the tape measure is straight and wrap the tape measure loosely around your body. There might be a 1 to 3 centimeters difference for manual measurement.

d. Please measure your feet in the afternoon since your feet will be larger than normal during that time. Your feet are not perfectly symmetrical so please use the size of your larger foot. The shoe size in China does not indicate the width of your feet so please select a larger size if your feet are wider than average. For example, if your size is 8, please go with 8.5.


2. Size Conversion Chart


Reference Size Chart for Women’s Tops


To ensure that your transactions are authorized by you, some orders may require your cooperation in providing information for review.

We normally require the following information from you.

1. Your payment card picture which showing us is the first four and last six digits and name, other information can be hidden.

2. The picture of valid government issued ID.

This information will be used to make payment confirmation. 

And will be kept secret for you. 


You will need to respond to our email within 72 hours and if we do not receive the correct information provided, Mr1Market will have the right to cancel your order.



Different international shipping methods come with different shipping time. In the email informing you the parcel has been shipped out, you can find the estimated delivery time, so please pay attention to this email. If you have no idea that you have got the email,  and we will try to get info about your delivery date.


We can provide Vacuum service to reduce package size.

The detailed charges of Vacuum service are as follows,

7.5USD for Package weight less than 20kg

10USD for Packge weight between 20kg-30kg

12.5USD for Packge weight between 30kg-40kg



For every 10kg increase in package weight, the cost will increase by US $2.50



We try our best to ship all items for our customers all over the world, but we cannot handle shipping of prohibited items: liquid, power, battery, magnet, knife, medicine, seed, chemical, animals,toxic items beyond our purchasing ability, and other illegal products. Besides, we reserve the right to reject some illegal and unreasonable shipping requests.


Mr1Market is not the product supplier, but offers services for buying items online from China stores for our customers who cannot buy them by themselves.

We do not guarantee the quality of products.

Because we cannot see items until they have arrived at our warehouse, but we will inspect the quality of items and give you some advice if we notice the credit of the website or the shop is bad, according to our experience.


Please remember: The items you get are worth the money you have paid for, and higher prices in most cases stand for higher quality. 

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